Guardian women look for traditions to start or maintain. They are generally suckers for flowers, cards, chocolates, and the like. They are among the most likely to notice and appreciate signs of status unless these signs are flaunted, such as entrance into an exclusive club and being welcomed by name at a trendy restaurant. Men often appreciate Guardian women who lavishly pamper their partners.

April is a Guardian Supervisor (ESTJ). She dated quite a bit in high school but seldom went out with the same guy more than two times. Either she decided he wasn't worth pursuing or her tendency to "tell it like it is" caused the guy to drop her. Now in college, she's not quite as fast to rule a man out, but she still doesn't want to waste time. April has been dating her current boyfriend for 6 months more than a year. She's been surprised to find out that some things she thought were deal breakers aren't. She's not sure if their long-term goals are compatible, but she wants to see if they can work things out.

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