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(n.) one of the most beautiful names a girl can have.

Because it ends with a gentle flow when you pronounce it, it has an elegant and graceful twist to the name. It is also special because Vivian is not as common as other names. Unlike some names that make the girl sound like a total bitch bitch, like Kristina, Jessica, Victoria, Emily, Ashley, Kelly, Nicole, or Lauren, Vivian sounds graceful and elegantly classy. Parents who name their girls Vivian have refined taste. It is more likely a name for the upper-class.

Any girl with this name is very likely to be pretty with an amazing personality. The name has a sense of beauty with a drop of danger and adventure and fun to it. It is derived from the Latin meaning "life". Adrienne is also a great name for a girl but Vivian is exclusively used for girls.....aka Vivienne or other spellings.

Pretty much any name that ends with a consonant followed by -ian has a beautiful ring to it, like Lillian, Hadrian, Julian, etc.

Hands down the best kisser ever. if you're lucky enough to experience this pure ecstasy, you're going straight to hell because she's sinfully good.

How can anyone forget the girl named Vivian?

Man, that Vivian is a beautiful girl!

I wish I have a girlfriend named Vivian. She would be gorgeous and lots of fun.

Man, that Vivian is so fun to be around, not to mention she's pretty too!

Damn I wish I can kiss Vivian, or at least get a warm hug from her.

What's your name? Vivian? That's a gorgeous name!

No girl can be compared to a girl named Vivian.

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