Mais de Lee Ann:

Everybody needs a reason to believe
Something to keep 'em going
To set their soul on fire
And make 'em feel alive
It's their inspiration

Some find it in living off the land
Some find it in working for the man
Some find it with a bottle in their hand
That's what gets 'em through
Some find it in a shiny limousine
Some find it in the magazines they read
Some find happiness is out of reach
No matter what they do

Baby, that's not me
I found it in you...

e não posso deixar de mencionar

If houses tell stories
I wonder about these walls of yours and mine
They could repeat any number of things
They've heard and seen in their time
All of the angry words spoken
Then the silence that follows for days
Oh, that leaves a home feeling broken
Lord, if these walls could talk, they'd pray


Sometimes the teardrops can't be measured
Sometimes the blues have no name
Sometimes the feeling something's missing
Grabs your heart and won't go away

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